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Eye See Eye Learn

Eye See…Eye Learn is a one-of-a-kind program for the promotion of learning readiness among our “just-about-school-aged” children, as well as to emphasize how important routine comprehensive eye exams are. This amazing program provides comprehensive eye exams by local eye doctors, and glasses to junior kindergarten students attending participating schools.
Provincial health insurance (or MSP) covers the cost of the exam when you show your child’s up-to-date health card, and no money comes out of your pocket. If the eye doctor finds that your child requires a pair of glasses, the program's sponsors cover the cost, and your child receives their glasses for FREE.
Children are not always good at reporting vision problems to parents, often because they don't realize that not everyone sees the world as blurry as they do. They aren't aware of how ideal vision is supposed to look and can't compare, so they just try to cope. This is why, many times, vision problems go undetected until a child's vision has caused them to fall behind in school. In many cases, there are no obvious signs or symptoms that a child has vision issues. Statistically, one out of every six children has visual issues as they start school, and poor vision can even be incorrectly diagnosed as a learning problem. Early detection is critical for certain eye conditions, which, if not treated early (before the age of 6 or 7), can cause possibly serious, irreversible damage that may leave your child nearly blind in one eye.
The Eye See…Eye Learn program was founded to begin raising public awareness among parents about the importance of having a comprehensive eye exam for their children before starting school. Vision problems can make learning more difficult than it has to be for your child and may harm their self-esteem and teach them to dislike learning altogether.