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Contact Lens Fitting & Exam

Seeing Clearly With Contact Lenses

Glasses can be a great fashion statement, but they’re not for everyone. Contacts are an excellent alternative for people who don’t want to wear glasses every day. Instead of wearing refractive lenses in front of your eye, you wear the refractive lens on your eye.

Contact Lens Basics

Before we give you your contact lenses, we need to examine your eyes and make sure you’re a good candidate for this kind of correction. Once we’ve confirmed contacts are right for you and double checked your prescription, we’ll set you up with your first trial pair of contacts. If your trial contacts aren’t quite right, don’t give up; sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right.

For the most part, taking care of your contact lenses is quite simple. All you really need is a good contact case, and the right solution. Most contact solutions now are multi-purpose, so you only need one solution to clean, disinfect, and store your contacts.
Before you put in your contacts, be sure tothoroughly wash your hands. Rinse your contacts by placing them in the palm of your hand, and squirting solution on them. If you drop your lens while trying to put it in, you’ll need to rinse it again. Repeat the process when you take your lenses out before putting them back in their case.
Never reuse existing contact lens solutions. Always discard the remaining solution in the case and replace it with fresh solution.

Your eyes are delicate, vulnerable organs. Whenever you’re putting something directly into or onto them, there is a risk of infection or injury. You can minimize the risks by following these contact lens safety tips:

  • Never share contact lenses with others.
  • Do not wear daily contact lenses overnight unless specifically approved by your doctor.
  • Don’t put your contact lenses in your mouth, or use your saliva as solution.
  • Avoid scratching your eyes by keeping your nails short.
  • Wait to apply makeup until after you’ve put your contacts in.
  • Don’t use expired makeup; replace your cosmetics frequently.

Lenses for Every Type of Eye

Many people have been told that they can’t wear contact lenses. But in most cases, their eyes are just difficult to fit. We take the time to measure and fit your eyes to contact lenses that will actually work for you. We also carry a number of specialty contact lenses; whatever you’re particular prescription needs, it iis probably available in contact lenses. Book your exam with us today, and ask what type of lense might benefit you most.

Scleral Lenses

These gas permeable rigid contact lenses are often more comfortable and effective for people with hard to fit eyes. Slightly larger than a soft contact lens, they cover the entire cornea and rest comfortably on the white of the eye. This makes them more stable, keeping them from slipping with every blink.

Bifocal Lenses

As the name suggests, these lenses work much the same way bifocal spectacles do; offering correction for both distance and near tasks. This way, people requiring bifocals can still experience the freedom of contact lenses.

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