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Sports, Safety & Specialty Eyewear

Equip Your Eyes for Any Activity With Sport, Safety, and Specialty Eyewear

Safety Eyewear

Your eyes are delicate and complex organs. They require a lot of care and attention, but many of us neglect them. Most eye injuries can be avoided with protective eyewear But whether it’s for aesthetic reasons or just out of sheer ignorance, the majority of people do not provide their eyes with the appropriate protection.

Many people believe that wearing prescription glasses or sunglasses is enough to shield their eyes from danger, but covering your eyes is not the same as protecting them. Safety and sport eyewear is specifically designed to withstand speed, force, and pressure. Protect your gift of sight. Invest in the specialty eyewear your eyes deserve.

More Information About Sports, Safety & Specialty Eyewear

Not all safety eyewear is designed to withstand the same type and level of strain. The best way to make sure you’re adequately protecting your eyes for the activity you’re doing is to talk to an optometrist. They’ll be able to recommend the best kind of safety eyewear for your line of work.

There are, however, a few things that are good to have in your safety eyewear, regardless of what you’re doing. Your lenses, for example, should be made of polycarbonate or Trivex. Both polycarbonate and Trivex are made of the strongest lense material available, plus it naturally absorbs UV rays so you don’t have to spend the extra money on coatings or tints.

Safety eyewear endures thorough testing before it hits the market, so you can be confident in the protection you’re getting. Lenses are tested independently from frames, and then tested together as a complete care of glasses. Crush tests, high impact tests, high velocity tests, and drop tests are all conducted to ensure the product has the necessary strength for the task at hand.

Sport Eyewear

Protecting your eyes at work is just as important as protecting your eyes at play. But sport eyewear isn’t just about keeping your eyes safe from an unexpected ball or racket; it can go a long way to help your performance.

Obviously, you need to see to be able to perform well, so sturdier, more secure prescription lenses are a benefit. But you can also have special tinting applied to your lenses to make the most of low light, reduce glare, and boost contrast. Sport eyewear can sharpen your vision and sharpen your skills.

Protecting Your Child’s Eyes for Play

The majority of eye injuries kids experience are sport related. We carry sturdy sport eyewear in cool designs that kids will be proud to wear. When you pick up your child’s sporting equipment, remember to protect their eyes as well.

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