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Sleepy Eyes: The Truth About Eye Discharge

Every morning you wake up, and before you roll over, check your phone, or brush your teeth, you wipe the sleep out of your eyes. Morning “eye gunk” is such a universal experience, we’ve created songs, stories, and folklore, all based around the idea of the sandman. But what is…

Published: 2017-07-20Read Article
Your Retinas: the Key to Sight

Most of us aren’t very familiar with the anatomy of the eye. Given a diagram, many people would have a hard time discerning the vitreous from the lense. Despite our general lack of awareness in regards to our eyes, most people know something about the retina. We know that it’s…

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When Bleeding in the Eye is Serious

Seeing excess blood in your eyeball is jarring and a little scary. We instinctively know our eyes are delicate and complex, so we cringe away from the idea that there could be something wrong with them. For the most part, the appearance of a little bit of blood in the…

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Bionic Eyes: Restoring Sight Through Technology

Hollywood has a way of blurring the lines between medical fact and fiction. Books, movies, and TV shows present us with magical medical solutions with just enough scientific basis to make them seem plausible. With all these futuristic (albeit imaginary) treatments cropping up in modern storytelling, it’s difficult to tell…

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